David Huggins

Proprietor of Huggins Auto and Rental Services

In St. Kitts and Nevis, the name David Huggins is synonymous with the automotive industry, and with very good reason.  David has devoted much of his adult life to advancing the automotive industry in the twin-island Federation.   His story is one of humility, self-motivation and success.

David was born on June 15, 1940 in the rural area of Lodge.  He attended the Estridge Molyneaux School and was awarded a school leaving certificate at the age of 16 upon successfully completing the Seventh  Standard.

By age 17, David became a mechanic's apprentice. In his late twenties, he began his own general mechanic work in the rural areas of Lodge, Molyneaux and Cayon.  By his early thirties, he established a home-based business through which he served estate owners and others in the community.  He was also contracted to conduct commercial repairs for SIRO, NACO and the SSMC.

In 1980, David opened Huggins Auto Services at the Paul Southwell Industrial Site with 12 employees.  Today, Huggins Auto Services continues to serve the public.